Final Event: Come Together Houston

July 23, 2022

Community Impact: 100-150 directly impacted

Houston Health Department: Robyn Kebede, guest speaker

Change Happens
Northern Third Ward
Central Methodist Performance Arts 
University of Houston: Kathrine McGovern College of the Arts

Centralized in the city of Houston at the Discovery Green park, Come Together Houston: A Community Arts & Health Partnership concluded their performance series this past Saturday, July 23rd. Opening with a stellar performance by the University of Houston Mariachi Pumas, community members engaged with clapping and singing. They were also encouraged to participate in health conversations, sing, dance, and learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine. As members of the community came and went, Muralist GONZO247 asked for words that would represent their “after pandemic experience.” Many learned more about how Houston wants to explore, invent, and build (among the many words). Outspoken Bean, the poet-laureate of Houston, performed with a spoken word series of poems that inspired the community with meaningful phrases of reflection through social justice and pandemic related issues. Finally, to conclude our series, Urban Souls featured two solo/duo dancers Anthony Davis and Brittany Jones. They were accompanied by YungChris who engaged the audience with an interactive dancing experience. Overall, the Houston community left with smiles on their faces, resources on the vaccine, and an understanding that the arts proves to be impactful for our community.

A major thank you goes out to Dr. Courtney Crappell, Todd Frazier, Amy Waterman, Donald Rabin, LaShara Davis, Catherine Puliken, Karen Handelman, and the CDC Foundation specifically Alesha Thompson and Rachel Casey. We look forward to developing more community events that will promote health and encourage vaccine awareness. Thank you to the Houston Community, Discovery Green (Candy Sigust), the AV Team, Aztec Rentals, and our partners. That’s a wrap!


FitMiX & Yoga for Vaccine Awareness