Event Review: FitMiX Yoga & Latin Fitness Dance

June 8, 2022

Come Together Houston and FitMiX Communities, an organization that provides free and accessible exercise classes to the Houston Community, collaborated in an effort to promote health and vaccine awareness.

This event featured artist GONZO247 who created a mural from audience member's answers to the prompt: "What helped you through the pandemic?" Held at Discovery Green, a beautiful public park located in the center of downtown Houston, members of the community were encouraged to participate in a HIIT Training Class led by FitMiX trainers Jennie Rohrer Nicholls and Dee Elliot.

Members of the community were encouraged to learn more about vaccine hesitancy and participate in conversations about how the pandemic has impacted their lives.

FitMiX & Yoga for Vaccine Awareness
mural painting Come Together Houston
June 8 event mural complete
June 8 social media post